First Surface Mirror Products

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Product Information
Applications requiring a true reflection with no ghosting effect use first surface mirrors, also known as front surface mirrors. Regular mirrors have an aluminum mirror coating on the backside of the glass that creates a faint secondary reflection. First surface mirrors have an aluminum mirror coating on the face of the glass that maximizes the amount of light reflected and minimizes distortion.

Our 1λ optical grade glass mirrors are ideal for high precision applications such as lasers, optical imaging/scanning, projections, high-speed photography, binocular mounts, telescopes, periscopes, kaleidoscopes, 3D printers, film transfer devices, and military flight simulators. We also offer λ/4 glass mirrors for enhanced surface accuracy. Acrylic first surface mirrors are more suitable for hobby projects, signage, toys, optical illusions, and stage lighting effects. Acrylic first surface mirrors custom sizes range up to 97″ x 49″. Glass first surface mirrors custom sizes range up to 50″ x 32″.

About Usfirst surface mirror
First Surface Mirror is located in Toledo, Ohio and has been selling first surface mirror products for over seventeen years. We offer superior optical grade quality, expert packaging, fast customer support, and ship your order efficiently and quickly, usually within a couple hours of your order. We also offer a variety of other optical mirrors such as beamsplitters and teleprompter mirrors.

Enhanced Aluminum Mirror Wave Chart
fsm wavechart

We make sure the glass is carefully packed in strofoam and bubble wrap and fully insured. Glass larger than 24″x36″ is typically crated and shipped via a special carrier with liftgate delivery. Our special packaging techniques ensure that you receive the mirrors on time and unbroken. If your mirror should arrive broken, please contact us right away so we can replace it.
Frequently Asked Questions

How reflective are the mirrors?

The reflection depends on the wavelength of light and the angle of the reflection. Here is some sample data we have collected about our enhanced aluminum coatings:

λ (μm)  %R, 0º  %R, 45º U 
0.325 97.5 97.2
0.347 97.5 97.2
0.351 97.5 97.2
0.355 97.5 97.2
0.442 97.0 96.7
0.488 97.0 96.7
0.515 96.9 96.6
0.532 96.9 96.6
0.633 96.5 96.2
0.647 96.5 96.2
0.670 96.3 96.0
0.694 96.1 96.8
0.780 95.1 94.8
0.830 95.0 94.7
0.850 95.0 94.7
1.047 96.7 96.4
1.053 96.7 96.4
96.8 96.5
1.319 97.4 97.1
1.550 97.5 97.2

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Duties/taxes are billed separately from us on delivery.

How does the quality compare?

Most 1/4″ glass first surface mirrors on the market are 4-6 waves per inch. Ours are 1 wave per inch, which is far flatter and more accurate. In addition, the quality is better with regards to pinhole defects and durability.

What's the smallest/largest size you can cut?

Stock sheet sizes:
1mm – 25″x32″ (635x813mm)
1.9mm – 25″x32″ (635x813mm)
3mm – 32″x50″ (813x1270mm)
6mm – 32″x50″ (813x1270mm)

Smallest sizes:
1mm – 8x8mm
1.9mm – 8x8mm
3mm – 19x19mm
6mm – 25x25mm

Which is better, glass vs acrylic?

Acrylic is easier to cut to fit your project, and you can drill holes in it. The coating on the glass is a higher quality. Acrylic is much safer than glass, if you are concerned about liability.

Are the mirrors sharp?

For your protection, we sand both sides of the mirrors so that they’re not sharp.

How durable is the coating? Cleaning?

The coating of the glass mirrors is highly durable, so you don’t have to worry about leaving fingerprints or cleaning it with non-ammonia glass cleaner. Soft paper towel or microfiber cloth is recommended to avoid accidentally scratching the coating.

How likely to break in shipping?

Less than 2% of our shipments arrive broken, and if this should happen we are glad to replace it for you.

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