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Product Information
Applications requiring a true reflection with no ghosting effect use first surface mirrors, also known as front surface mirrors. Regular mirrors have an aluminum mirror coating on the backside of the glass that creates a faint secondary reflection. First surface mirrors have an aluminum mirror coating on the face of the glass that maximizes the amount of light reflected and minimizes distortion.

Our 1λ optical grade glass mirrors are ideal for high precision applications such as lasers, optical imaging/scanning, projections, high-speed photography, binocular mounts, telescopes, periscopes, kaleidoscopes, 3D printers, film transfer devices, and military flight simulators. We also offer λ/4 glass mirrors for enhanced surface accuracy. Acrylic first surface mirrors are more suitable for hobby projects, signage, toys, optical illusions, and stage lighting effects. Acrylic first surface mirrors custom sizes range up to 97″ x 49″. Glass first surface mirrors custom sizes range up to 50″ x 32″.

About Usfirst surface mirror
First Surface Mirror is located in Toledo, Ohio and has been in business for over ten years. First Surface Mirror custom cuts, packages, and ships orders efficiently and quickly with same day shipping. We ship mirrors under 24″ x 24″ in standard boxes with FedEx while larger mirrors are carefully packaged in a wood crate with a freight carrier. All shipments have full insurance to protect our customers from damaged products.