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Applications for a glass first surface mirror require a true reflection with no ghosting effect, also known as front surface mirrors. Regular mirrors have an aluminum mirror coating on the backside of the glass that creates a faint secondary reflection. Glass first surface mirrors have an aluminum mirror coating on the face of the glass that maximizes the amount of light reflected and minimizes distortion.


  • Opaque with 0% transparency
  • 96% reflective
  • 1λ per inch flatness (selective double flat)
  • Comes with protective laminate over coating
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Quantity discounts available
  • Same day shipping
  • International shipping
  • Clients include electronics manufacturers, defense contractors, inventors, and the engineering & science departments of many major universities.


  • Flight simulators, periscopes
  • Broadcasting, photography, projection.
  • Optics, astronomy, physics, lasers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Hollywood special effects
  • High speed photography
  • Kleidoscopes, product photography
  • Ophthalmology eye tests, dental mirrors

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optical grade glass first surface mirror


We cut and ship the glass first surface mirrors immediately. We ship mirrors under 24″ x 30″ in carefully packaged boxes with FedEx while larger mirrors are more extensively packaged in a custom wood crate and shipped via freight. All shipments are fully insured to protect our customers. Less than 2% of our shipments arrive broken. On the rare occasion breakage should occur, we will gladly replace the mirrors–just send us pictures of the mirror and damaged box.


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Product Gallery

first surface mirror barcode scanner

First surface mirrors allow barcode scanners to read multiple angles of the product without losing quality or creating a double image.

binocular mirror

1λ first surface mirrors work flawlessly when used as a binocular mirror up to 15x. For greater magnification, we offer λ/4 flatness.

laser bounce mirror

A first surface mirror reflects lasers in different ways to create stunning effects or for research and development of new products.

Product Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

Sizes up to 32″x50″ are cut from our 1λ stock. Sizes larger than this, up to 72″x96″, are cut from our 4-6λ stock sheets.

Yes, but only if the size is larger than 32″x50″. That’s our maximum size for the high grade 1λ flatness mirrors in 1/4″ thickness.

The best quality is our 1/4″ thickness, which is 1λ per inch.

1/8″ thickness: 8λ per inch

Yes, glad to quote and coat curved glass. The coating we use is silver for curved mirrors instead of aluminum. Please contact us with the details of what you’re looking for, and the quantity, and we’re glad to quote it.

Please feel free to order samples first to evaluate the quality of our mirrors. Limit 1 per customer.

Glass First Surface Mirror Sample – 1/4″ thickness (Random Size)

$2.95 Add to cart



Glass First Surface Mirror Sample – 1/8″ thickness (Random Size)

$2.95 Add to cart



Glass First Surface Mirror Sample – 1mm thickness (Random Size)

$2.95 Add to cart



Glass First Surface Mirror Sample – 1.9mm thickness (Random Size)

$2.95 Add to cart

Less than 2% of our shipments arrive broken. If it should arrive broken, please send us pictures of the mirror and box right away, and we will send replacements.

Small mirrors are carefully packaged in bubble wrap and shipped via fedex. Larger mirrors are crated with several inches of styrofoam on all sides. In the rare case that your mirror arrives broken, just send us pictures of the broken glass and box and we’ll send replacements right away.

We use a high quality wet sander to take the sharp edges off before shipping.

To prevent scratching, you should use 50% Isopropyl Alcohol and Kimwipes. Microfiber wipes are generally ok for preventing scratching, but not as good as Kimwipes.

Our size tolerance is typically +/- 1/16″. Please contact us for a custom quote if you need a higher level of accuracy.

We are standing by to begin cutting and packaging your order immediately.

The standard score-and-break method is recommended. You’ll need to purchase a quality glass scoring wheel and glass pliers. Sandpaper or a sanding block is useful for sanding the sharp edges.

We recommend Gunther Mirror Mastic and VHB tape for the backside of the glass.

1/4″ thickness – 3.3 lb / sq ft

1/8″ thickness – 1.6 lb / sq ft

1.9mm thickness – 1 lb / sq ft

1mm – 0.5 lb / sq ft

Yes, provided you can protect the mirror surface from debris which may blow against the surface, scratching it.

Quantity discounts are automatically calculated using our online price calculator. If you are ordering qty 50+, please contact us for a custom quote.

Shipping discounts are automatically calculated using our online shopping cart.

We recommend using a backing with low thermal expansion, such as aluminum.

You can add the laminate back by using our Precote 33 spray

Please send us a diagram in JPG or PDF format and we can quote the shape for you.

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