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The production of a high-quality optical component is an exacting process, requiring a high level of skill, quality equipment, and close attention to detail. Our λ/8 wave first surface mirror glass offers a superior quality compared to other first surface mirrors on the market. The λ/8 flatness is achieved by polishing float glass down to a flat surface, then coating with aluminum and the protective overcoat. Typically, other companies are only able to produce the mirrors on float glass, which is 4-6λ per inch. To the naked eye, the two mirrors look the same, however the improved quality of the λ/8 is immediately noticeable under magnification.

Custom optics are sometimes advertised as not only possessing high accuracy, but also as inexpensive; as if both were simultaneously achievable. In the field of optics, you get what you pay for.


Our λ/8 mirrors are tested with an interferometer, which is a piece of equipment that is designed to be able to test a multitude of different shape optics (flat and curved). Flat optics have an advantage hat they can be tested utilizing a Master Optical flat, which is a propitiatory in-house process that allows testing of different areas of the mirror. The mirror is then measured at those areas and analyzes the areas that are most deviant from flat. As a result, the mirrors on average are actually better than what is reported. Large sheets of 1/4″ glass can bend under its own weight, so all tests are performed with the mirror under minimal stress, supported so the glass is not bending under its own weight.


  • λ/8 per inch flatness
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • 96% reflective
  • Comes with protective laminate over coating
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Quantity discounts available
  • Same day shipping
  • International shipping
  • Clients include major research labs, commercial manufacturers, and government projects.


  • Scientific equipment
  • Labratory experimentation
  • Military technology
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Optics, astronomy, physics, lasers
  • Barcode scanners


Enhanced Aluminum Wave Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

We make sure the edges are sanded so they’re not sharp.

To prevent scratching, you should use 50% Isopropyl Alcohol and Kimwipes. Do not use microfiber wipes or paper towels, they may cause scratching.

Our size tolerance is typically +/- 1/16″. Please contact us for a custom quote if you need a higher level of accuracy.

We make sure all shipments are carefully packaged with styrofoam and bubble wrap and fully insured.

Yes, shipping is calculated automatically when checking out online. Duties and taxes are billed separately by FedEx on delivery.

Yes, we sell Precote 33, which is a spray paint which creates a removable laminate on the surface of the mirror.