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Originally started over 22 years ago, our business has transformed from offering custom electronics to manufacturing optical mirrors and becoming a top component supplier in the United States. Our clients commonly use our products for engineering and science related projects such as barcode scanners, optical illusions, 3D imaging, and more. Our specialties include beamsplitters, front surface mirrors, anti-reflective glass, hydrophobic mirror coatings, and dichroic glass.

Our team is standing by to help you immediately with quotation and technical questions. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions:

James Baker, Sales Engineer: 419-787-4526
Krista Kelly, Sales Manager: 419-461-0710

Here are a few of the incredible mirror illusions and science projects which use first surface mirrors:

  1. True Mirror, also known as Non-Reversing Mirror – Two first surface mirrors are mounted perpendicularly to create the effect of a mirror that doesn’t reverse the reflection. For more information, check out our True Mirror guide.
  2. Binocular Mirror Mount – Use a first surface mirror along with binocular to reduce back pain and fatigue when doing astronomy.
  3. How Does A Barcode Scanner Work? – Using a front surface mirror, we take you step-by-step how a barcode scanner works.