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It’s easy to add a hydrophobic coating to our glass first surface mirrors using a product called NanoSlic NS 1500. Simply wipe the liquid on, allow to dry, and it adds a transparent layer that’s resistant to water. It’s offered in 30mL bottles and wipes, depending on your preference of how you’ll be applying it.


The NanoSlic 1500 a revolutionary product that will help protect your mirror from whatever your project can throw it! Designed by experts in ceramic technology, our proven scientific formula makes your mirror hydrophobic and oleophobic. So water rolls right off your mirror and is easier to clean. NanoSlic 1500 also improves the performance and durability of your mirrors, making them more chemical and abrasion resistant. Applying the product is incredibly easy. Two drops are all you need for permanent protection.

Step 1: Prepare the surface by cleaning it with a non residue cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, wiping it with a microfiber or lint-free cloth to ensure it’s completely free of contaminants.
Step 2: While wearing gloves, place two drops on a lint-free or microfiber cloth or directly on your mirror’s surface and wipe using a crosshatch pattern to ensure complete coverage. Wait three minutes for the rainbow to vanish, then lightly buff the surface until it’s completely clear. Step three. Let it kill. The product will be dry in 20 minutes, but we recommend giving the product as much time to cure as possible for the best results. Need more protection. Before it fully cures. You can add more layers to create even more thickness and durability. Once the product is cured, your mirror is ready for anything.