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Kaleidoscope Mirror Product Information

Kaleidoscope mirrors, also known as first surface mirrors and front surface mirrors, provide a high-quality, undistorted reflection.  Kaleidoscope mirrors eliminate ghosting, maximize the amount of light reflected, and are highly durable and easy to clean.

We offer kaleidoscope mirrors in small quantities for the DIY hobbyist, as well as full stock sheets at wholesale prices for manufacturers. Our team is standing by to cut and ship right away out of our factory in Toledo, OH.

Pricing & Ordering

Quantity Discount

15% Quantity Discount for Multiple Quantities – Automatically applied to your order in our shopping cart as shown below:

Large Sheets: Front Surface Mirror 1mm Thickness

12″x16″ Kaleidoscope Front Surface Mirror $75.23 – Add To Cart

12″x16″ Front Surface Mirror Sheet $63.95 (qty 2+) – Add To Cart

Precut Mirrors: Front Surface Mirror 1mm Thickness

1.125″x5.5″ Kaleidoscope Front Surface Mirror $80.94 for 1 Lot of 24 Mirrors – Add To Cart

1.125″x5.5″ Kaleidoscope Front Surface Mirror $68.81 (per lot for qty 2+ lots) – Add To Cart

Wholesale Pricing & Ordering

25″x32″ Front Surface Mirror Sheet (Qty 10) $2,558.00Add To Cart
25″x32″ Front Surface Mirror Sheet (Qty 20) $2,174.30 (per each lot of 10) – Add To Cart


  • To ensure fast production, we stock a large inventory of first surface mirrors and have a team standing by to cut them to the size you specify.
  • To make ordering easy, you can order online using the “add to cart” links or you can contact us for a formal price quote.
  • The moment we receive your order, we start cutting and packaging it. We ship fast, usually same or next day.
  • The mirrors are easily cut using a standard score-and-break method. We offer glass cutting tools.

Benefits & Advantages

  • Optical Grade Mirror Coating
  • Durable Dielectric Overcoat
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Fast Quotation
  • Same Day Shipping
  • International Shipping
  • Careful Packaging
  • Fully Insured Shipments
  • Precision Custom Cut
  • Sanded Edges
  • No Minimum Order
  • Ships Via Freight

Contact Us

Our team of engineers are standing by to field your questions. We have the expertise to quickly and accurately answer all of your questions.
James Baker, Sales Engineer – (419) 787-4526 –
Krista Kelly, Sales Manager – (419) 461-0710 –

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship everywhere using FedEx Economy International (2-5 days) and FedEx Priority International (1-3 days). Pricing is provided as you check out using our shopping cart. Duties/taxes are billed separately by FedEx.

How do I cut front surface mirrors?

Kaleidoscope mirrors are easy to cut using the standard score-and-break method for regular glass. A tabletop waffle grid cutter is recommended for making fast, repetitive cuts. Check out our cutting accessories for pricing & ordering of glass cutting equipment.

Which mirror is used for kaleidoscopes?

A high-quality front surface mirror is used to prevent the double image seen by regular mirrors.

What should I use to clean my kaleidoscope mirror?

One of the best features of our glass mirrors is that the mirror coating is extremely durable. Thanks to the high quality dielectric overcoat, you can clean it with standard glass cleaner and paper towels without worrying about scratches.